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Graduating from High School and transitioning to College is always an exciting stage in life but it can also be very stressful. College costs can be daunting. Douglas County 4-H is very proud of the many scholarship opportunities we have available. Please read through all of the applications so that you do not miss an important component. It is your responsibility to have complete and accurate applications. All parts of the applications must be turned in on time, so please pay close attention to deadlines and keep track of your references and follow up with them to make sure they provide your references on time.

Douglas County 4-H Scholarship Requirements: 2018
Douglas County 4-H Foundation Renewable Scholarship
YF&H Scholarships
YF&H Community Service Scholarship
Douglas County 4-H Council & Horse Scholarships
First Year Consumer Science Award
Superior Horseman Award
4-H Award Meritorious Service Award
Livestock Educational Grant Program

Award Winners

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