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Welcome to the CSU Extension Office in Douglas County. Our goal is to assist you with any questions you may have whether it is about gardening, wildlife, 4-H or any other needs.

Douglas County 4-H COVID-19 Policies   arrow

Douglas County 4-H COVID-19 Policies

Questions? Please reach out to our office

Phone: (720) 733-6940

COVID Guidelines for Douglas County 4-H as of 10/1/2021

Please reach out with any questions

Please note that participation in face-to-face programming is not required to successfully participate in 4-H. We are extremely understanding that every family has a different and unique perspective of what is happening in our world. Always feel free to reach out to the above agents with any questions, comments, or concerns. We are here to help make your family’s 4-H experience as amazing as possible whether it is in person or virtual!

This sign must be present at all in-person programming.