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General/Natural Resources


Do you like to make films? Do you like to tell stories? In this project you will learn how to use video cameras, a tripod, video tips ad how to capture and transfer video footage. It is advisable to understand the basics of photography before beginning in this project.


Do you like to work with clay? Do you like to create your own ceramic pieces? Then this project is for you. In this project, you will learn a variety of skills to help you create a wonderful ceramic project that you will have forever. You will learn about three different clays: earthen-ware, stoneware, and porcelain, and how to finish each type.


Computer Power Unlimited is a Computer Science Project for 4-H members interested in gaining experience in computer building, repairing, and networking, engaging young people and their project helpers in computer science activities and community service. A website provides links and resources to a variety of extended learning opportunities in topics such as open source software development and learning programming languages. Each guide in the series is designed with a specific purpose, and collectively the series supports youth and their adult helpers in the pursuit of technological competence and meaningful leadership.


Would you like to learn about the “magic” of electric circuits, magnetism, motors and electronics? Or would you like to learn to build burglar alarms, select stereo equipment or other electronic items? Then the electricity project is for you. You will learn all of this and more through hands-on, useful and fun activities.


Have you chased butterflies or caught a ladybug to get a closer look? Do you think collecting bugs is a great way to spend your time? Then the 4-H Entomology project is right up your alley. You will learn about the world of insects and have fun doing it.


The gardening project focuses on activities related to vegetable gardening, planning, planting, experimenting, understanding soils, seeds, insects, plant care, harvesting, processing, exploring careers, etc.

Global Citizen

Do you have an interest in learning about the world around you? Do you like to travel? Then this project will help you become connected to the world by learning and studying other countries and cultures.

Horseless Horse

The horseless horse project is designed for 4-H members interested in learning about horses but who do not own their own horse. All four units focus on learning life skills that can be easily transferred to the horse project, should a member purchase a horse.


Are you ready to step up to leadership? This project will bring out the best in you. You will learn about what it takes to be an outstanding leader. But you will also learn about yourself and what you can do if you put your hands, heart, head and health to work.


Do you like to make designs? Do you like to work with your hands? Then leathercraft is the project for you. You will learn how to use different tools to make different designs.

Outdoor Adventures

Do you like to hike or camp? Then this is the project for you. You will learn how to plan a day hike and work up to planning overnight camping trips to extended back-packing expeditions as you make your way through the three units.


Capture memories of your friends, family and important events through photography. Learn about basic and advanced techniques, digital cameras, and how to plan, compose, light, and exhibit your shots. As you progress past the basics, you can learn special effects, computer enhancements, how to print enlargements, and how to create slide shows.

Robotics and Engineering

Are you interested in putting things together and taking them apart? Do you like games and technology? Do you think that computers are fun? Robotics is the project for you! Young people in robotics learn hands-on about engineering design, computer programming, electrical components, how robots move, and how robotic arms work and much more.


This project is designed to teach 4-H members about Scrapbooking. The history of your life can be preserved for the next generation by creating a scrapbook filled with your collection of pictures and memorabilia. Memorabilia items to save include ticket stubs, business cards, greeting cards, awards, certificates, letters, postcards, recipes, receipts, and brochures. Scrapbooking is for members 8-18 years old.


Do you like to be outdoors? Do you like to fish? Would you like to learn how to fly flies? Then this is the project for you. You will learn about types of fish, variety of sportfishing equipment, how to make and repair tackle, understand the ecological and social basics of fisheries and management.

Small Engines

“Start Your Engines.” Welcome to the world of power engines! With over sixty fun activities, this Small Engine curriculum helps youth understand how small engines work, how they work for us and how to keep them working. Put some spark and fuel into your youth program with this hands-on curriculum.

Veterinary Sciences

Do you love to be around animals? Do you love to learn about them and their behaviors Then the Veterinary Science project is for you. In this project you will learn the importance of Veterinary Science and you will also learn important skills you will use your whole life.

Visual Arts

Do you love to draw or paint? Are you always doodling on a piece of paper? If you love art and want to develop more skills in drawing and painting, then this is the project for you.


Colorado wildlife is one of our state’s biggest attractions. Through your project work, you will learn about ecosystems, wildlife conservation, habitat requirements, wildlife behavior, how wildlife species fit into nature’s scheme, how they are managed, and how they relate to humans. Do you love to be outdoors? Do you like to figure out what wild animal has passed through your neighborhood? Are you curious about ecosystems and how people and nature can live together?


If you enjoy working with wood and using tools to build things, then this is the project for you. Can you see yourself someday building a table, wood toy or a chair? As a beginning woodworker, you can build many objects. As your skills grow, you will be able to make most of the objects in your house or even build a home! No matter what you make, the joy of completing a woodworking project is the greatest. Through the wonders of working with wood, you will re-discover the natural curiosity and creativity of your early years by building and constructing items using woods and a wide variety of woodworking tools. From the basic skill of measuring to using advanced equipment such as routers and jointers, this project has something for everyone.