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Welcome to the CSU Extension Office in Douglas County. Our goal is to assist you with any questions you may have whether it is about gardening, wildlife, 4-H or any other needs.

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Douglas County offers a variety of programs and lessons that can be applied to all different age groups. We host in person programs through the 4-H program and on site educational, programming visits for a range of topics! We want to work with you! Find the descriptions of programs and curriculum that Douglas County Extension offers, below.

Request CSUE presence at your local event or discuss additional programming options by calling the office in Castle Rock!
Questions? Call 720-733-6940


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Mars Base Camp Kit – $24 + shipping

Have an extension agent visit and lead the lesson – $35
The race to land humans on Mars is on! This kit is a collection of activities that teaches kids ages 8-14 STEM skills like mechanical engineering, physics, computer science, and agriculture.
Buy your own kit here

STEM in a Bag Kits

Hands on, fun, engaging activities for youth. These kits are individually packaged per student with all supplies included. Kits come with one activity at a time. Activities include spoon catapults, popsicle stick harmonicas, Alka Seltzer Rockets, Balloon Race Cars and more!
Kits ONLY – $0.25/youth
Kits + Programming – $0.25/youth + $10
4 Part Kit Series – $0.50/youth

4 Part Kit Series + Programming – $0.50/youth + $20

Contact Douglas County CSUE at 720-733-6940


The Douglas County 4-H Embryology Program gives students the opportunity to learn about chickens, eggs, and embryonic development through observation of the egg hatching process. It provides a great way for students to observe the development of life in just three weeks! Lessons are designed to build student math, science, and language arts skills. We have several different opportunities for your students to engage with this program. Learn more about our various learning opportunities, kits, and costs to find the best option for you:

*Please note that this program is available every spring upon request. Supplies and equipment are limited therefore requests are received on a first come first serve basis. If you would like our 4-H Youth Development Educator to come to your classroom in the spring it is recommended that you contact our office in the fall to schedule your program. Click “embryology options” above for contact and pricing information.

Discover 4-H

Discover 4-H Swine Club Curriculum – Download here

Discover the opportunities the 4-H swine project offers you by downloading this resource guide and learn the basics of animal husbandry, animal judging, nutrition and health, showmanship and show fitting.

Discover 4-H Horse Showmanship Curriculum – Download here

Discover the opportunities the 4-H horse project offers you by downloading this resource guide and learn the basics of showmanship at the halter, body positions basics, presentation, scoring, fitting and more!

Discover 4-H Horse Physical Exam and First Aid Curriculum – Download here

Discover your passion for veterinarian sciences by exploring physical exams and first aid preparation in equine sciences. Download this resource guide and learn the basics of animal husbandry, health and nutrition, and being ready for the unexpected.

As always, please keep in mind some resources may refer to Utah state programming so be sure to clarify with the Douglas County, Colorado office if you have questions.

Contact CSUE at 720-733-6940 to with any questions regarding programs.


Extension Programs are available to all without discrimination. If you need special accommodation(s) to participate in the event listed, please contact Douglas County CSUE at 720-733-6940.