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Welcome to the CSU Extension Office in Douglas County. Our goal is to assist you with any questions you may have whether it is about gardening, wildlife, 4-H or any other needs.

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County Awards

Douglas County 4-H recognizes many members for their sportsmanship, hard work and perseverance through these awards given at our Achievement Night Ceremony in October. Nominate someone to highlight their success or tribulations and triumph.  All our amazing youth deserve a round of applause! 

County Scholarships

Applications, transcripts and letters of recommendation can all be dropped off at the Extension office any time before the stated deadline. Please read through the entire application so you do not miss an important component. It is your responsibility to have complete and accurate applications. All parts of the application must be turned in on time, so please pay close attention to deadlines. Keep track of your references and follow up with them to make sure they provide your references on time. If our office is closed, there is a slot in the door that you can put your application materials through. All scholarships are available as fillable PDFs which may be completed online or printed and completed.

Please contact our office if you have any questions.

Douglas County Scholarship Applications

2023-2024 Scholarships are available here: Closed for this year.

  • Youth Council packet for 2024¬†
  • Horse Stipend 2024 supplement

NOTE– The recommendation form – This form is designed to allow for your reference to fill out ONE reference form which can then be used for MULTIPLE applications.  Simply mark the top and make copies for each application!  And as always, say THANK YOU to your references ūüôā  

State Scholarships

Be sure to follow the directions on the link below before completing any of the individual scholarships.

Scholarship Applications for 2023-2024 Academic Year are closed!

As part of the Office of Engagement & Extension, Colorado 4-H awards scholarships annually to outstanding youth who have actively engaged in Colorado 4-H clubs for at least 3 years. The scholarship process is competitive and open from October 1, 2024, through March 1, 2025.

Scholarship recipients will be announced by early May 2024. There are opportunities available for a variety of students, including for those attending CSU or other universities, trade school, junior colleges, transfer students, and continuing students.

To begin the application, click to see the scholarship opportunities availableOnce signed in, the first step is to apply using the General Application, where specific questions will be asked to determine which of the scholarships you are eligible for using defined criteria.

Click Here for more info and to apply!