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Welcome to the CSU Extension Office in Douglas County. Our goal is to assist you with any questions you may have whether it is about gardening, wildlife, 4-H or any other needs.

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Resources for 4-H is where you will find all the relevant information on how to successfully complete your 4-H project. Information on the secretary and treasurer books are also available here. If you have questions or need help, please feel free to contact the Extension office.

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2023-2024 Douglas County 4-H Important Dates

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2023-2024 4-H Dates and Deadlines Google Calendar

2023-2024 4-H Tentative Dates and Deadlines

**Please note that these dates are subject to change. The blast will contain the most correct and up-to-date dates.

Other Calendars:

  • Douglas County Extension Calendar
    • 4-H, Master Gardener, Horticulture, Small Acreage, and anything else our office is working on!
  • Front Range Regional Calendar
    • Looking for other 4-H/Positive Youth Development Opportunities across the entire Front Range Region?  This is a great place to check out what’s going on in our area!

Project Resources


Animal Project Manuals 
General Project Manuals
Order your manuals at the links above!
Many can also be downloaded for FREE from the CSU website HERE or the Douglas County Website HERE

Record Books

Updated 2023-2024 Record Books are now available at CO4H.Colostate.Edu

*If you cannot open/print Microsoft files please call the extension office at (720) 733-6940 and we can convert them for you!  

4-H General/Family and Consumer Science/Natural Resources Projects

4-H Animal Project e-Records

Single Pages
Are now housed within each record book. If you need additional pages copy and print them as you need. If you have questions or problems please call the Extension office 720-733-6940.

4-H Project Tip Sheets

New Members

Comprehensive 4-H Guide

Policies for Success 2023-2024

4-H Quick Facts

4-H 101 & 102

Check our calendar for 2023 dates here! 

4-H 101 ~ Discover 4-H

Find the 101 powerpoint HERE!
Throughout January we host a series of 4-H 101 classes! This is an introductory presentation about what 4-H is all about, how it works and how to join! There will also be a time period for questions. Current 4-H members, families, and leaders will be there provide expert advice!

4-H 102 ~ 4-H Project Sampler

4-H 102Find the 102 powerpoint HERE!
In February we will host a 4-H 102 Project Sampler Open House! This session will dive deeper into 4-H projects, the wide variety of options we have, and how to go about choosing and completing a project! Similar to the 101 class, there was a lot of information and some great tidbits shared by our current 4-H members, families, and leaders who attended the meetings! 

We look forward to offering our 4-H 101 & 102 classes again in 2023.  For any current offerings in our County and for future dates always check the Douglas County 4-H Dates & Deadlines Calendar found at the link below!

4-H 201, 202 & 203

4-H 201 ~ 4-H & The County Fair!

An informational session on all you need to know for 4-H participation in the Douglas County Fair!  The ins and outs of the week, what is expected, fun things to do, and more!  Whether you are a graduating senior or a first year member, there is something to be learned!

April 16, 2024 – at Kirk Hall from 6-7 p.m. to RSVP please click here.

Find the 4-H 201 Powerpoint here!

4-H 202 ~ Livestock at Fair!

An informational session on all you need to know about having livestock at the Douglas County Fair!  What you need to bring, what your responsibilities are, and some things to keep in mind as you are getting your animals ready for July!  

Find the 4-H 202 Powerpoint here!

4-H 203 ~ General Projects & Shooting Sports at Fair!

An informational session on all you need to know about completing your General Project and Shooting Sports Project at the Douglas County Fair! We cover: available contests to sign up for, what you need to bring to Exhibit Day, what your responsibilities are, and some things to keep in mind as you are getting your projects ready for July!

Find the 4-H 203 Handout here!


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