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Douglas County 4-H Leadership Resources

Douglas County 4-H Youth Council

A 4-H Youth Council member is a 4-H’er whom rises above the general 4-H member’s expectations. These members devote extra time throughout the year to lead the 4-H program within their own
4-H clubs, their own communities within Douglas County, and as a group during county-wide events.

The Douglas County 4-H County Youth Council works together to organize and lead several activities and events for the Douglas County 4-H Program. Some of these activities include Achievement Night in October, Leadership Day in November and June Livestock Show in June.

2018-2019 Officers
President – Laura Olson
Vice President – Ethan Summervill
Secretary and Alternate Senator – Rebekah Palmer
Treasurer – Heather McKee
Parliamentarian – Georgia Strimenos
Reporter – Riley Hamilton
Senator – Logan Hayne
Alternate Senator – Sheridan Tarbutton
CALF Representative – David Carter
4-H Foundation Representative – Kayla Bailey
Fair Board Representative – December Pool
FFA Representative – Ainsley Fischer
Council Leaders – Christy VanBibber and Noah VanBibber

Douglas County Youth Council will be facilitating a bulk order for Market Turkeys, Market Chickens and Peking Ducks for our members. This will provide some of the following benefits:

• Save on shipping costs
• Timely arrival of birds for the Douglas County Fair
• No searching at local stores and hoping they get more shipments in
• Help support 4-H Youth Council
Order form – Bulk Market Bird Order Form 2019

Douglas County Ambassador Program

Douglas County needs to promote 4-H throughout the year, not just at fair.  Ambassadors will help grow the program in all parts of the county. This program will help 4-Hers develop their public speaking abilities and gain experience in job applications, resumes, and job interviewing.


  • In order to apply, applicant must have been a 4-H member for a minimum of two years prior to application.
  • Applicant must have attended a minimum of half of the 4-H council meetings the previous year.
  • Ambassadors will serve two-year terms, except for the first Ambassadors selected in 2009-10.  These, in order to establish alternating years’ intake of new Ambassadors, will serve two year terms for up to three Ambassadors and one year terms for up to two Ambassadors.
  • Should an Ambassador leave after one year, a one year term will be filled for that position after the 2009-10 year.
  • Ambassadors will fill out an application and also submit a resume of their 4-H work.  Interviews with community members will be held in November.
  • Ambassadors will promote 4-H throughout the year.  Some events that need Ambassadors present for promotion may include but are not limited to Highlands Ranch Days, DC8 video promotions, talking with commissioners, after school and school enrichment programs, tours at county fair, emcee’s at county contests, handing out of ribbons at county contests, Farm Days, speaking to adult and youth organizations, National 4-H Week activities, and other creative programs.
  • Ambassadors may be asked to attend a training with other Ambassadors from a multi-county area.

2019 4-H Ambassadors
Grace Collins
Alex Cuerullo
Ainsley Fischer
Bailey Fischer
Logan Hayne
Meg Huber
Rebekah Palmer
December Pool

Additionally there may be up to two Junior Ambassadors in Training.  These 12 to 13 year olds will be selected by the same process, but will serve only one year.  They will not be required or allowed to attend a multi-county Ambassador training.  Once they reach the age of 14, they may apply to be an Ambassador.  The main responsibility of the Junior Ambassadors in Training will be to assist the Senior Ambassadors in promoting 4-H.  As a Junior Ambassador, 4-H members will be building their 4-H resumes.

Applications for the Ambassador Program are available now and due to the Extension office October 6th.

Ambassador Requirements    Ambassador Application     Ambassador Code of Conduct

Douglas County 4-H Leader’s Council

The Douglas County 4- Leader’s Council meets in the lower level conference rooms of the Douglas County Extension office every first Monday of the month, unless that Monday is a holiday. This is a great time for local 4-H leaders to get updated on the current changes, events, forms, etc. It is also the perfect time to network with other leaders to get new ideas for your club.