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Welcome to the CSU Extension Office in Douglas County. Our goal is to assist you with any questions you may have whether it is about gardening, wildlife, 4-H or any other needs.

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Online Virtual Engagement Resources
5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Engaged and Learning at Home
4-H at Home
4-H Activity Guide
CSU Virtual Events

4-H Learning at Home 
Learning Links -Washington State


4-H STEAM resources for parents and teachers:

Instill curiosity, critical thinking, and help kids develop skills to be successful in life with these fun activities. These various websites provide activities and lessons for fun, hands-on STEAM activities for kids of all ages to do anywhere! 
4-H Activity Guide
4-H Stem Lab
K-12 STEM Activities
4-H Online Virtual Engagement Resources
4-H Virtual Lessons 
More 4-H Virtual Lessons
4-H STEM Activities
4-H STEM Labs
4-H Friday Fun STEM Activities

STEM Activity Websites:
Science Activities for Young Minds – 4-H Michigan State Extension
10 Fun Science Activities Kids can do at Home
Colorado Model Railroad Museum – Great STEM videos on Energy, Sound, Magnetism, Paleontology & more!
Techbridge Girls – At Home STEM Activities
Watch Bill Nye the Science Guy. You can even do experiments along with him!
The Concord Consortium
National Geographic
Mystery Science
Age of Learning
CSU Extension– There are resources in the archived ST[EMpower] newsletters.
Great resource from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory!
Great homemade play dough recipes!
Growing Up Bilingual
STEM Laboratory
STEM  Kreations

You Be The Chemist
Facilitator activity guides:   Find videos here
States of Matter
Life Earth Sciences
Properties of Matter- Density
Properties of Matter- Solubility
Chemical Reactions- The Basics
Chemical Reactions- Acids & Bases
Chemical Reactions– Reaction Rates and Catalysts
Forces & Interactions

Gardening & Ag

4-H After-school Agriculture
Download hands-on activities to promote agricultural literacy among youth while developing their understanding, appreciation, and application of science.
Recipes, activities, training slideshows, and crafts about popcorn and agriculture. Available in Thai, Mandarin, and Spanish.
Farm Food 360
360-degree virtual tours and fact sheets from Canadian farm operations and food processing plants.
Big Green at Home
Follow the link to sign up for a weekly email of age-appropriate activity bundles, live demonstrations, tutorials, and video lessons.
Robust, comprehensive, interactive career resource to explore the broad range of careers in the agriculture industry.
4-H Virtual Farm
Visit 4-H Virtual Farm and discover why farming is a part of your life even if you have never lived on a farm, never seen crops grow, or never touched a cow.

UGA Extension – Gardening and STEM resources, recipes, lessons and activities divided up by age group.
Lesson and Activity Plans  >> Videos to Accompany Lessons/Activities
Build a “Learn By Doing” Garden

Native Plants – Learn about native plants with this “on the ground” video series from Kentucky 4-H agent!

Grow and Give – Learn to grow food and donate extra locally.  CSU Extension & Master Gardeners are here to help every step of the way. Resources are added weekly and will change with the season.


Cornell Virtual Animal Resources
All species to Beef, Dairy, Dog, Equine, Goats, Sheep, Poultry, Rabbits and Virtual Farms.
Animal U – Interactive animal science learning, about Swine, Beef, Dairy, Sheep, Goats, Poultry, Rabbit, All Species and Careers
Virtual Showmanship Clinics Join North Dakota Extension for a series of virtual showmanship clinics
MQA Training
Vet Science Game

Expedition Insects from the Smithsonian Science Education Center
4-H Virtual Insect Collection 

Dog Training Video Series – Tons of How To Dog Training videos for different tricks and behaviors! (from Missouri Extension)
Dog Ownership 101 Brochures and Fliers
General Tips and Info
AKC Virtual Patch Program
Lesson Plans
Make Your Own Dog Treats
Make Your Own Pet Bed
Puppy Bathing 101
STEM Agility Course

Pueblo 4-H
Goat Show Wether Session:

Market Poultry Session:
Cattle Session:
Market Rabbit Session:

Virtual Nutrition Clinics – Phillips County
Livestock Science Video Series 
Basic Nutrition
Livestock Growth
Douglas CountyEmbryology program videos, Incubator Set-Up, Candling, Egg Experiments, and Chicken Ownership Resources!
Arapahoe County – Embryology program
DIY Chicken Coop

4-H Horse Farm
Extension Horses
Fun horse related games and learning activities!


4-H Healthy Living Activities and Ideas 

Cake Decorating & Bread Baking – Wilton & Youth

Milk Street Cooking School: Online Classes

Explore courses that introduce you to new cooking techniques, recipe types, cooking theory, and science.
Getting Children Involved in Meal Preparation
Learn to Enjoy Vegetables with a Fun Family Activity


Teach Kids How to Hand Sew – Step-by-step guide to teach kids to hand sew in a safe and easy way!
Teaching Kids to Sew – Lots of great sewing and fabric crafting lesson plans for kids!
Make Your Own Cactus Pin Cushion
Make Your Own Pet Bed

Step-by-step guide with pictures and videos to help teach kids and adults how to knit!
Learn now to finger knit! Projects for kids that are easy and fun!

Computer Sci.

Computer Science helps teach kids problem solving skills, creativity, perseverance, trial and error, understanding of cause and effect, innovation, analytical thinking, reasoning skills, as well as math and language skills.

Here are several games, websites, and activities that help teach kids how to code using various computer languages. Enjoy and happy coding!
Google for Education
This site has a lot of hands-on curriculum. Students learn through video-based activities, with different themes like sports, art, and game design.
Kids in 5th-9th grade can enjoy the interactive one-on-one tutorials that advance and progress. Kids also can learn to code in whatever computer language they wish. 
For kids aged 8-16 years, this website was created to help young kids become programmers through easy activity packs and a great support system.
Khan Academy
Khan Academy offers interactive “talk throughs” and challenges that teach kids how to code for free. It is most suitable for kids in elementary levels.
Code Combat
This is a great site for all ages who love playing online games and want to learn how to code in the process. The difficulty rises as kids advance in stages.
Code Monster
This website introduces kids to Javascript programming through a fun and interactive game with a fun and friendly monster.
As the name suggests, this website teaches programming using a series of puzzles and blocks. They also get to see the results of their work in action.
Tons of easy lessons and tutorials, teaching kids to make practically anything, including applications, web apps, games or website pages. The website is free but there is a subscription to advance to the expertise level.
Using everyday and familiar emojis- kids learn at their own pace with easy to follow and interactive lessons.
Youth explore gameplay and creation by solving puzzles, competing in coding battles, and learning to code in various languages.
Code Monkey
Kids practice coding by solving a variety of progressively harder and more challenging puzzles. Each new level includes new codes and new functions to learn. CodeMonkey offers a free 30 day trial.
Learn interactive programming through coding directly and observing what the output of your coding becomes.
Code Wars
Created for older kids in high school, this site provides a space where coding competitions can take place through real challengers online.

SS & Nat. Resources

Record Book Tips
M.A.T. (Muzzle, Action, Trigger)
Archery (At the Range)
Archery (Release Practice String)
Accuracy and Precision (STEM Activity)


4-H Virtual Forest

Project WET: Water Education Today
Interactive website and games to explore the role of water in our lives.
The Greenway Foundation: Just For Kids!
Activities, experiments, and crafts for safe outside play and exploration along Denver’s South Platte River.
National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): At-home Science Activities
NOAA’s most popular educational resources to help you safely hunker down while learning about the ocean and atmosphere.


Cloverbud Connections – Resources for 4-H Cloverbud Volunteers & Extension Staff

PBS Kids:
Educational games, videos and activities (ages 3-8)

Responsible Dog Ownership Coloring Book 

LIVE Makin’ Music Classes – Free music classes for families with young children. Also learn how to make fun instruments out of household materials.

Additional Fun

Dance A Way to Improve Fitness
Go Noodle  Engage kids with movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts. Available for free everywhere kids are!
Dancing with Miss. Melodee  At-home dance classes. Children engage in dramatic and symbolic play promoting cognitive development through song and dance.
Cosmic Kids Yoga  All kinds of yoga-for-kids videos, you can also do as a family!
YMCA 360: Introductory fitness classes and technique videos. Videos and guides for all ages, sports, and activities.

Free books, music and activities:
Scholastic Learn At Home – Day by day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing! Great resource for reading and fun!
Free Subscriptions – List of education companies/websites offering free subscriptions due to school closures
Coloring Sheets
Spelling – Resources for parents and kids.

Theatre Activities for Kids:
How Stuff Works: Theatre – Hands-on and instructional activities to help kids write, design, and create their own plays.
Space School Musical from NASA
Scholastics: Writing Tips for Kids – Activities to help get those creative juices flowing! Writing activities for kids!
Mask MakingMask ideas for your next play!
Puppet MakingLearn to make different types of finger and hand puppets!
LIVE Sing & Dance with Mr. Jon & Friends – Weekday live streams and fun videos each day. These virtual events are all about fun, music, and laughter.

Zoo, Museum, and Park Tours and Webcams:
Monterey Bay Aquarium
San Diego Zoo
Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute
Houston Zoo
Georgia Aquarium
The Louvre
Boston Children’s Museum
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History 
The National Gallery, London
British Museum
National Parks
Yellowstone National ParkVirtually visit the Mud Volcano, Mammoth Hot Springs, and so much more with a digital field trip to Yellowstone.
Webcams – Several live webcams featuring variety of animals and nature. Such as Puppies, African Wildlife, Bears, Oceans and so much more!