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County Projects

Do you have an interest that does not fit into the Family and Consumer Sciences or General and Natural Resources Departments? County Projects is the fit for you! Through County Projects, youth can create a Self-Determined project to showcase their interests. In this department, members can also exhibit projects relating to household pets, crops and mechanical items they have restored. For more information on these projects, please visit their respective sections below.  

These projects are only eligible for competition at the Douglas County Fair and other Douglas County specific contests. These projects are not eligible to be entered at the Colorado State Fair.


The 4-H Crops Project allows youth to gather and prepare samples for exhibit. During this process, they will learn the factors involved in seed quality and the advantages for improves varieties of plants. As an exhibitor they will display examples of quality crops which best represent the uses for which it is intended. Showmanship will allow the youth to represent their ability to inform the public of what raising field crops is all about. 

You will need to use the “Self Determined” e-record book for this project.

Pocket Pets

Pets come in all shapes and sizes. You can learn about pets in many ways, such as talking to friends, searching the internet, reading in the library, attending a pet show, or by contacting a local animal shelter. In this project, you will gather information about a pet you now have or one you would someday like to have. The pet possibilities are endless!

You will need to use the “Self Determined” e-record book for this project.


The 4-H Restoration Project will allow the youth to either take an old piece of furniture, vehicle or piece of machinery and restore it to its proper usable form. First, the youth will learn the safety precautions which must be used. Then they will learn how to fix up or reassemble the object which they have chosen. Always remember to take photos throughout your project so the beginning and final uses can be seen!

You will need to use the “Self-Determined” e-record book for this project.

Self Determined

The 4-H Self Determined Project enables you to develop your own project. It may include working on a more advances phase of an existing project or in an area where no project already exists. The topic you choose should develop from something you are interested in, would like to do research or experimentation on, or want to learn about. This advanced project enables you to set your own goals and objectives, design a plan of action and carry out a project based on your topic of interest. Because you are unique, your program should be deigned with your talents and interests in mind.

You will need to use the “Self-Determined” e-record book for this project.

Interested in the County Projects? Reach out to Jacie Rex at with any questions!