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If you are enrolling in ANY livestock or horse project this 4-H year you MUST have an animal care form on file for each species. These need to be in the office by your species enrollment deadline. For example, if you are taking a horse project you will need to have your form in by April 30.
Animal Care and Housing Form
Superior Horseman Award Form
Douglas County 4-H Code Of Show Ring Ethics

Interested in learning more about the 4-H Horse Project?
Horse Project Guide

2019 Douglas County Horse Camp

June 11-14

Working Ranch Horse Clinic


Buckle Series

2019 Buckle Showbill
2019 Buckle Series Horse Show Entry Form

Level Testing Opportunities

Every rider begins 4-H unrated, and can level up throughout the year. But you must be at least level 1 to ride and participate at Fair! So, schedule testing early. The test is two parts, a written and riding part, and the rider must test and pass in every discipline they plan to show in.

Unrated members can come to most rides, workouts, and fun shows, though some workouts/clinics may require passing the Riding Safety Test to participate.

Written Tests

Written tests are the same for all disciplines and progress from level 1 to level 4.
With the exception of the level 1 written exam which has two sections of tack I.D. (English and Western). Members must take both tack I.D. sections of the test.

All Written levels exams must be taken at the Douglas County Extension office, or at County organized Study/Exam nights.

Written tests must be taken before riding tests can be taken.

Riding Tests

Level 1 riding test must be schedule with county-approved leaders through the Extension Office, while Level 2 and above riding test must be scheduled with State approved Level raters. You can contact a rater by looking them up on the state list.

Check out the advancement level guidelines and study guides to prepare yourself.

Jumping Competency Test

The horse committee has added this competency test that will allow members to jump even if they haven’t passed Level 3 on their advancement tests. This will be a simple test that will prove you are capable of safely clearing fences.

If you pass this test, you will be allowed to jump fences in the Hunter Hack class at the County Fair no matter what level you are. (You must still pass Level 1 to show at the County Fair).

You can take this test from any level rater that is certified to test Hunter Hack Levels 3 and above. Or, a Douglas County horse leader who has been certified to give this test can administer it.

We will be offering opportunities to pass at certain Wednesday night rides and the Monday of Horse Camp during level testing. The competency test MUST be on file with the Extension office by the level test deadline that will be published in this newsletter for you to jump at County Fair.

Jumping Competency Certified Raters
Lynette Winans (303)489-6276
Jennie Slade (303)646-1957
Kelly Brown (303)646-5280
Download Jumping Competency Test Form

Horse Show Organizational Guide

Have you been thinking about holding a show, but you just don’t know what all goes in to it and how to get it all done? Well, here’s the guide for you with great advice, time lines, checklists and sample show bills and tabulation sheets. So, read all about it and give it a try!
Horse Show Organizational Guide

Open Riding

Public open riding schedule is published at—click on the EVENT CALENDAR. Call first before you drive to the Fairgrounds as the open riding schedule is subject to change 720-733-6900.  Douglas County reserves the right to cancel open riding at any time without notice.

Open Riding Rules:
No stallions allowed.
Horses must be kept under control at all times.
No racing, roping, barrel racing, jumping, trick riding, etc allowed.
No Lunging in Indoor or Outdoor Arena. Lunging only allowed in warm-up arenas.
No lessons allowed.
A parent or guardian must accompany anyone under the age of 18 (riders and/or spectators).
All riders must check in, sign a waiver and pay fee prior to riding.
Riders ride at their own risk.
Parking in designated areas only.
Open riding in designated areas only.  Weather and schedule permitting,
Dogs are not allowed in the open riding area.
Stalls are NOT provided for open riding.
Riders are expected to clean up after horses.  Wheelbarrows and shovels are provided.
Do not tie horses to temporary panels.
Alcohol is not permitted.
Anyone not complying with these rules, will be asked to leave.
$5.00 per session per horse or rider:  Cash only / no change given