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Welcome to the CSU Extension Office in Douglas County. Our goal is to assist you with any questions you may have whether it is about gardening, wildlife, 4-H or any other needs.

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Interested in learning more about the 4-H Horse Project?

More Info Here!

If you are enrolling in ANY livestock or horse project this 4-H year you MUST have an animal care form on file for each species. These need to be in the office by your species enrollment deadline. For example, if you are taking a horse project you will need to have to sign-up for the project by March 1st and have your animal ID submitted by April 1st and completed by May 1st.

Don’t have a horse?! NO PROBLEM! Click the above picture to learn all about the horseless horse 4-H project! This is also a fantastic project for youth to take along side the 4-H Horse project!

Horse ID’s Due April 1 each year

Note – Horses that do not have their ID’s submitted by April 1st will not be eligible to participate in County and State events such as the Douglas County Fair & Rodeo or Colorado State Fair.

Important Documents & Links

Project Resources

Competition Rules

Awards & Scholarships


2023-2024 New Horse Member Night

Will be held February 13, 2024. See the weekly blast for registration information

Meeting for all 4-H Youth (and families) who are participating in the Horse Project for the first time!  Extremely important to attend in order to set yourselves up correctly for the upcoming year!

*If you missed this meeting, contact the extension office to get everything you might have missed!*

Interested in Horse Judging, Hippology, or Horse Bowl?

Contact the Extension Office for more information! Call 720-733-6940

Miniature Horses

Miniature Horse

This is a new project for Douglas County 4-H in 2024.

Please stay tuned for more information and resources.

Miniature Horse Rule Book

Please utilize this book for this project:

Riding Levels

**This is a quick reminder that we are NOT showing by Levels at County Fair but there are some Level requirements for certain classes/divisions at County Fair. Everyone, at a minimum, MUST have completed a Safety Certification – Miniature Equines included.

The DC Horse Steering Committee does award prizes for attaining certain Levels each year and it is highly encouraged to continue to excel into a different level.

Level Testing Opportunities

Every rider begins 4-H unrated and can level up throughout the year. But you must be at least level 1 to ride and participate at Fair! So, schedule testing early. The test is two parts, a written and riding part, and the rider must test and pass in every discipline they plan to show in.

Unrated members can come to most rides, workouts, and fun shows, though some workouts/clinics may require passing the Riding Safety Test to participate.

Written Tests

Written tests are the same for all disciplines and progress from level 1 to level 4.

With the exception of the level 1 written exam which has two sections of tack I.D. (English and Western). Members must take both tack I.D. sections of the test.

All Written levels exams must be taken at the Douglas County Extension office, or at County organized Study/Exam nights.

Written tests must be taken before riding tests can be taken.

Riding Tests

Level 1 riding test must be scheduled with county-approved leaders through the Extension Office, while Level 2 and above riding test must be scheduled with State-approved Level raters. You can contact a rater by looking them up on the state list.  When in doubt, contact the extension office.


Written Levels Study & Test Night

Will be February 21, 2024 – See the weekly blast for registration information

2024 Douglas County Horse Camp

Registration is due to the Douglas County Extension office, with payment, by May 15th, 2024. 

Registration Horse Camp-Register via 4HOnline

Tentatively Scheduled for the Week of June 10th

**Registration for WRH is limited to 15 DOUGLAS COUNTY 4-H Participants. Please register in 4HOnline

Other Educational Opportunities in our Community

Note – Not necessarily 4-H related or in Douglas County, but great learning opportunities

Horse Shows

Buckle Series

The Douglas County 4-H Open Horse Show Buckle Series is a welcoming, educational, and FUN environment where both 4-H youth and community members alike gain experience working with and showing their horses!

THANK YOU to sponsors: The DC Horse Steering Committee

All proceeds directly benefit the Douglas County 4-H Horse Program

Douglas County Buckle Series Horse Show

* Please see the Buckle Series website for more information such as Show Bill, Prize List, Entry Form, and Release of Liability!

Buckle Series Hoodies & Hats!

Can be purchased at all Buckle Series Shows or by contacting the extension office

Horse Show Organizational Guide

Have you been thinking about holding a show, but you just don’t know what all goes into it and how to get it all done? Well, here’s the guide for you with great advice, timelines, checklists and sample show bills and tabulation sheets. So, read all about it and give it a try!

Douglas County Fair & Rodeo

Open Riding

4-H Open Ride Nights

Sponsored by the Douglas County Horse Steering Committee

With the idea to give our Douglas County 4-H Horse project members more experience and educational opportunities, the Douglas County Horse Steering Committee is sponsoring a series of open ride nights this spring.  Each night will have a theme/topic of what the instruction will be on.  We ask that everyone RSVP to the event and also to provide feedback before and after!  We want these to be educational, safe, and fun learning environments for all so please help us do so!

Please note – These are nights dedicated to the education of the 4-H members, parents should be present, but please do not expect to ride.  To give the 4-H kids the best atmosphere to learn and for safety, we ask that only active 4-H members in good standing participate in these ride nights.

Please stay tuned for ride night dates.

Public Open Riding

Public open riding schedule is published at—click on the EVENT CALENDAR. Call first before you drive to the Fairgrounds as the open riding schedule is subject to change 720-733-6900.  Douglas County reserves the right to cancel open riding at any time without notice.

Open Riding Rules:
No stallions allowed.
Horses must be kept under control at all times.
No racing, roping, barrel racing, jumping, trick riding, etc allowed.
No Lunging in Indoor or Outdoor Arena. Lunging only allowed in warm-up arenas.
No lessons allowed.
A parent or guardian must accompany anyone under the age of 18 (riders and/or spectators).
All riders must check in, sign a waiver and pay fee prior to riding.
Riders ride at their own risk.
Parking in designated areas only.
Open riding in designated areas only.  Weather and schedule permitting,
Dogs are not allowed in the open riding area.
Stalls are NOT provided for open riding.
Riders are expected to clean up after horses.  Wheelbarrows and shovels are provided.
Do not tie horses to temporary panels.
Alcohol is not permitted.
Anyone not complying with these rules will be asked to leave.
$5.00 per session per horse or rider:  Cash only / no change given

Educational Resources

Horse Educational Resources

Remember – No one method is right for every person and animal. Take everything with a grain of salt and build your toolbox of knowledge. Pick and choose what will work best for you and your current animal!

IMPORTANT Some resources are from other universities, states, counties, and programs. Please use them for their educational value, but ALWAYS be sure to check with local rules and guidelines.